Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Arambol, GOA...con't

Just arrived in Arambol last night from Mumbai on a 12 hr train journey that showed us some of the most incredible sights of the Indian countryside. Women in scarlet and emerald carrying gleaming jugs on their heads, children scratching out a game of cricket among a mound of rubbish, long stretches of rice fields, burned red dusty patches....truly amazing. I spent a good amount of time just standing by the door watching and letting it all soak in.
Visited Elephanta Isle on Tuesday which was really amazing. Checked out the caves of Shiva and watched the antics of the wild and impish monkeys as they stole food from people and basically ran amok everywhere. It was really fun and we had a lovely time. What wasn't so lovely though was that we found out that we had been duped by Sandy our vicious lipped "aide" in Mumbai. Ahhh well it was a good lesson learned and this will only prepare me for the rest of my journey.
Arambol is really interesting little spot- really smoky and dusty full of hippies and Goan locals. I had a lovely salad at one of the restaurants here and just finished a gorgeous beetroot and carrot juice with a kick ass fruit salad full of papaya, mango, coconut shivers, chickoo, and pearly grapes. My tummy is feeling a bit off though so I must take a bit of care today.
We ran into some of Biggie's friends from London last night so we are going to spent the next few days with them. They are really nice and funny guys so I am sure they will keep us entertained with their London attitudes and dry sense of humour. One of the guy's (Joseph) mom (Fiz)has a house here just outside of Arambol so we are going to hang there for a while and see if we can see the dolphins. I went for a run on the empty beach this morning and came across a wild boar forgaging in the bushes. That got me up and running pretty fast!!
Loving the chill vibe and the chance to decompress from the madness of Mumbai. We were quite desperate last night as we did not have a booked room and every place was full but we managed to find a place for a whooping Rs. 800 (about $20.00) that provided us with a bed that was literally a wooden plank with a sheet on top (I did a vicious round of situps on it in the morning bonus) and a dirty little bathroom with no mirror. The upside was that it had a balcony so that was grand. We managed to get a new spot AVE MARIA in the morning right up the lane which is amazing and cheap.
The guys are hilarious and I have been laughing my butt off so much...I don't think that I have laughed this much in ages. They are quite a talented, and intellectual group- Jo is an actor, Alex is a model, Martin was in fashion but is now an architect who is currently building a 6 bedroom home just outside Granada in Spain (he spent years in Varanasi and also speaks Hindi fluently...I hope to hook up with him in Varanasi when I'm there), and Dave is a London dj who is also a Eng Lit student. These guys have been super refreshing to hang with and its been loads and loads of fun. Fiz is also most hilarious and wonderful, and makes the most gorgeous masala chai and porridge. The days are spent on the most incredible beach hanging out, swimming in wild waves, drinking loads of fresh lime sodas and watching the boys take the piss out of each other. Quite blissful and I actually think that I am able to relax!! Not sure when we are going to I was previously warned its a hard place to leave and I am now tending to agree. Its a super healthy place...physically, spiritually, and mentally and with 30+ degree weather, a good crew of people, wonderful healthy food and loads of exercise...I may get trapped!!!
Hope you are all well....lots of love xoxoxox


Sundara said...

Oh no! That sucks about Sandy. I guess your okay and that's the main thing. Sounds like your home now in the South, just your kinda place! Don't run alone in deserted beach areas... Miss you, xoxox

usha said...

Good that you found out about your Indian guide before she did you more harm. Take care and enjoy Goa. My mind is always with you in India. love you, Ashley. Will write later.

Chad said...

It is so grand to be able to read your words and see it with y own memories!! What a blessing!! Keep it up. With you all the way, Me. Gave you some contacts in Goa through FB.

Tezra said...

Ashley it is so awesome to follow along your adventure i love reasing you blog page. Its great that you are able to relax on the beach soak it all up!!! What did that woman Sandy do? Im curious.

Love you tons and miss you! Love tez

shirely said...

For God's dake darling girl take care! I panic at the thought of you being so far away but realize what a fantastic experience this is for you. The memories will last a lifetime & when you get to be our age sometimes memories are all you've got!
We had a wonderful visit with your parents & sisters last Sunday but of course missed seeing you.
We are enjoying your blog & thank you for including us in your adventure.
Please take care & remember we love you,
Nick & Shirley