Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last day in Arambol

Biggie and I are on our last day in this blissful sad really. This has been an amazing place to be and hanging with our new crew has been most delightful. I have never laughed so much! Spent a beautiful day yesterday at a beach about 1 hr walk from Arambol for Dave's 32 birthday. Ate loads of food, slpet in the sun, drank loads of chai and saw the most incredible sunset...bIg fiery ball disappearing inthe sea. Amazing. We had a splendid dinner on the beach and watched the blood red full moon rise which was accompanied by frenzied singing and chanting from the nearby temple celebrating the full moon. Fiz had some fireworks which we set off and almost got maimed in the process. It was a beautiful evening, one of many here in Aramabol and I am truly sad that this is our last day here. Biggie and I are trying to figure out what to do many options. Ah well...another day in paradise!

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usha said...

Ashley, your pics look incredible. I luv Dhobi Ghat. We're following your journey with intrigue, all our love, sweetie.