Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AShley este sola

Ahhh well it's time to part with Biggie and Aggy today and I feel a bit sad. Biggie and I have had such an amazing time and travel really well together (and she's got kickass music...) so it will be hard to say goodbye. She's hoping to come to Van in the summer after her Oz tour so I'll be able to show her around my hometown. I'm gonna be leaving at 12 to go to Neyya Dam in Trivandrum for a weeklong yoga intensive at the Sivanada YOga Centre...and I'm a bit nervous. I'm in a dorm room (with 31 other people...) and I hope I'll meet some nice and unpretentious people there. My adventure is only just beginning now...yay! I'm trying to convince Sundara to get her butt over here and travel with me but she's not taking my lead!! LOL
We arrived in heatsoaked Trivandrum yesterday after a lovely but winding bus ride and then a 3 hr hot train ride. We were sad to leave Kumili and the coolness of the hills but the bus ride was so much fun! We even saw an elephant!! Arrivingi n Triv was like opening an oven door in the and sticky. It took us a while to adjust as the hills were so refreshing. Wandered around Triv to the market and then to the 260 yr old Sri Padmanabhaswamy (what a mouthful) temple. It was beautiful from the outside (and from what we could see of the inside) but we couldn't go in as we are not Hindu. But the Sadhu at the gate let us poke our heads in. We also got accosted by a group of elderly men who wanted our pictures taken with them...we said no at first but then relented..they were just so cute! We really don't understand all this business of people taking our picture. I guess we are really an oddity here. Haven't seen that many travellers here. Had a delicious fish curry dinner last nght...coconut creamy and sweet but hot. I love the food here. Seriously. I got flashed yesterday (intentionally?...I think so) by a middle aged man "fixing" his lungi. I was really shocked and surprized as it was mid day on the busy street!! Didn't know what to do so I just looked away and pulled Aggy and Biggie along with me. Ewww. Hope that's the last time that happens...although Lee was telling us of some stories about the north. *sigh*
Keep those emails coming...I loved opening up my mailbox today to see all 52 of them LOL!!!
I'll do my best to update when I'm not getting up at 5:20 am to meditate or when I'm not in my 5 hrs of yoga class. Or cleaning toilets..part of my sevi service!! Love to you all...namaskar.

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