Monday, January 5, 2009

Organized Chaos

Day 2...

Had such a busy whirlwind of a day here in Mumbai...we met this woman yesterday (Sandy) at the train station (Victoria Terimus station) who works for the Indian Tourist Commission who said that she would give us a tour of the best sites in Mumbai. What a saucy lady she turned out to be. At first sight she seems like a sweet and demure Indian woman dressed up in a beautiful sari, but spend some time with her and she swears like a truck driver, owns a very dangerous long look and could scare any man away with her body language!! She was a BLESSING as she took such care of us all day today. We got to drive all over Mumbai in all its glory...from the poverty stricken red light district to the mansions up in the hills...we saw it all. Visited the Dobhi Ghats where all of the washing sent from launderias go...what an incredible and colourful sight. Spent some time in Gandi's memorial museum which was absolutly inspiring and humbling. Bowed to heavenly gods at a colourful Jain temple and fought off beautiful and impish gyspy children. Witnessed the most intense variations of life ever possible and chuckled at painted bulls and cows meandering around the streets. I am thankful for our taxi driver who Sandy hired for us...she referred to him as "Her fighter". I have no idea how anyone drives here...the biggest case of organized chaos if I have ever seen it. We put our lives in his hands and he delivered us safe and sound all over town. I feel a bit battered by the sounds...the drivers honk their horns here so much that it becomes a symphony. I think other drivers feel left so they then join the chorus! This city literally PULSES with life, tragedy and beauty colliding in a vicious whirlwind. Incense and sewer waste mixing together and smothering you as you pass by. So many paradoxes here that it almost becomes comical.

Went back to the leather shop today and met Mustan who was very excited to see me and receive the gift that my parents sent along for him. He will take me out for a meal tomorrow so that will be good. Off to Elephant Isle on the 9 am boat in the morning to see Shiva and laugh at the antics of the monkeys.



Tanja said...

That is amazing! Take always good care of you! kiss

Sundara said...

Ashley thank you so much for writing it all down for us...I think it makes us all feel a bit better knowing Sandy was there for you. You must be in such total and complete awe of it all. How do so many people live together? One can only discover on their own colorful journey through this land of unfathomable chaos. Keep your spirits up girl, you are still in the "shock" phase and it's gonna sink in hard, soon. Hope you had an enlightening visit to the caves and a nice visit with Mustan. Much love and Prayers.

Kassondra said...

AAaahh India!!! Thanks for Sharing the Glory the
Paradox the Fury!!!!