Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cozy in Cochi

Just arrived this morning at 2 am after a BRUTUAL 12 hr train journey from Margoa, Goa. We booked this train in Goa which was the only train out of Goa for a good couple days and we were assured that this was the best train in all of India. We definitely paid for it as well so I was looking forward to having a relaxing, cockroach free journey. Well imagine my utter dismay when a rickety green, red, and white train pulled up that looked susiciously like the last train we travelled in. Well it wasn' was much worse! The train had just pulled in from Delhi...a 48 hour journey and the train was in an absolute tip with empty food trays everywhere, empty water bottles, general garbage and dirty kleenex. Sarah bravely started cleaning (all I could think of was the cockroach party I was going to be in the middle of) and we stashed our bags on our beds which were the top bunks. 2 horrible Danish ladies got on and stored their luggage on our beds, replying unsympathetically to our protests. I got really mad (and those of you who know me know that it takes alot to anger me) so I moved into the next compartment with 2 sweet Norweigan girls. Sarah moved her stuff over (as did 2 other people from our compartment...the women were foul) and we actually had a pleasamt time with the two lassies. Managed to sleep a bit and only saw 2 cockroaches (one of which Biggie killed for hero!). WE landed outside of Kochi at 2 am and were very disorientated and a biton the grouchy side. GOt into a rickshaw and sketchily made our way to the hotel we booked hours before. Our richshaw driver got lost and ended up asking 2 passing policemen for assistance. I was quite sure that this was gonna cost us either loads of money or our lives (so dramatic at 3
am!!) but we made it safe and sound to our clean hotel. Caught the jetty into Fort Cochin and spent the day wandering around eating fresh fruit, ice cream and watching the fishermen work the ancient and massive chinese fishing nets. Very very hot and muggy and no plac eto swim! Going on a backwater cruise tomorrow and I'm gonna get an aryuvedic massage and steam on Saturday...hope to clear this lasting cough outta me! xoxox

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Anonymous said...

get salu to take you on a tour of the spice markets... and stock up! cherai beach is not far, good for swimming. xoxo