Monday, January 12, 2009

Biggie and I are stuck in Arambol for one more day as we can't get a train out of here and the buses seems very scary so we'ew just gonna chill today. Both of us are sick as dogs...I've got this Arambol flu that is pretty lethal and started getting sick last night although I don't feel as nauseous today. Biggie's got an upset tummy so we are quite the pair! Had a super mellow dinner at Fellini's with the crew last night...was really sad as it was our last night all together. It was so hard to say goodbye...Fiz, Alex, Martin, and Jo are off today to Kallour to see the Goddess of the Jungle (shrine in the foothills of the Western Ghats). Dave is gonna stay put as he is flying back to Londontown on Friday so we'll likely see him today. I'm hoping to meet up with Martin in Varanasi in 2 weeks which would be amazing.  Martin lived in Varanasi  for so long and definitely knows his way around so he would be able to educate me as well as show me the town in all its splendor. Bigs and I are feeling rather low today mentally and physically and glad that we are leaving tomorrow...this town ain't the same without our group! We're headed off to Kochi tomorrow on an overnight train and will arrive Thursday morn at 2 am which should be quite sketchy. Gotta line up a place to stay today. The weather has hit the high 30's so it's cooking in this town. Not gonna swim today tho as I need to avoid the sun. Gonna eat loads of pineapple and papaya (thanks Sondra!!) to get my tummy back on track. xoxox

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