Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cardamon scented days...jasmine filled nights

Kumili is a beautiful little jungle town!!! I haven't got around to much today...my intention in coming here was to go to the Periyyad Wildlife Sanctuary and check out some of the wild elephants and such but it is really expensive to get in and to be honest the packages that are constantly being pushed at us look really tacky.
One of the packages we could buy:
Jungle Patrol: Only recommended for physically/mentally strong persons develops/sharpens their power of observation to sense the unseen animals and birds during dark nights. So exactly what am I gonna see?? LOL

So we have been wandering the town of spices and sampling more local Keralan delicacies...man the food gets better and better! Its pretty hot here although the morning was overcast and cool...quite refreshing after the oppressive mugginess of Cochin. Had an interesting bed fellow last night...a little lizard! I felt something scuttling around the sheets last night but was too tired to look and prayed that it wasn't a super spider like the one from the night before. When i drew back my sheets this morning, a little gecko popped out...he was sooo cute! We are going to see a Kathakali dance performance this afternoon and then Biggie and Aggy will cook a Keralan meal for me tonight...yum yum yum!
The air here is thick with spices and the nights are scented with jasmine. Its such an olfactory explosion!
Tons and tons of HOLY cows here...quite sad really as there are no bins for rubbish and the cows graze in plastic fields. Makes me sad.
Going to Trivandrum tomorrow with Bigs and Aggy...will have our last day and night together before I head off to S T R E T C H my body and my mind. It will be such a sad parting, Biggie and I have had so much fun together! :(

Other than that, I am on the mend and am feeling good. Also had another HOT shower this morning to set me right. Makes me appreciate so much about my life back at home. This trip has really opened my eyes to many things that I take for granted.

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Danny said...

i think the Geko was trying to save you 10% or more on your car insurance. glad you set him strait!! sounds like your having a blast.
Danny 7305