Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunset chaos

Just arrived in t'is a crazy town!!! I'm just on the outskirts close to the airport as I am flying out at 9 am tomorrow and I can't even imagine the craziness in the epicentre! Left Kochi at 10:30 am after having a lovely masala dosa with a Horlicks (yum I love that drink!) and took a flight to Mumbai where I was directly put onto a flight to Delhi. I flew on Jet Airways which was a treat and a half. The staff were lovely, I got spoiled royally with fresh juices, tamarind candies (my new favorite), Himalayan water, lemon scented towels, and 2 delicious meals about an hour and a half apart!! Thinking back to Air Canada's Jazz airline or even Westjet, you don't get fed if it's under 2.5 hrs unless you buy a totally budget sandwhich from them! The food on Jet Air was yummy and the dessert was fab. Yup my sattvic diet is DEFINITELY over now LOL.
Delhi is a cool 22 degrees which was a bit of a shock to my tropically adjusted body. Kochin was 30C when I left at 10:30am!! I hear Rajastan is really chilly at the moment so I'm pretty much out of luck with my Kashmir trousers and short sleeved tops. Thank god for my Lululemon trousers and my 1 pair of leggings. Oh yes and my one hoody. Damn. I'll have to get some shopping down in Varanasi when I arrive tomorrow so that I don't freeze. Yikes.
I just spoke to Martin and he is on his way to Varanasi. There has been really bad fog in the mornings so his flight was cancelled so he's on a train from Delhi. I'm praying that my flight makes it out tomorrow morning...cross your fingers and toes (but not your eyes!!) for me.

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