Friday, January 30, 2009


Ahh so I am back in Cochin all alone and getting ready for my next portion of my journey. I left the ashram yesterday with a very heavy heart and cried half of the way back to Triv. I think I scared the rickshaw driver! But I made it back in one piece...barley though. He was a crazy driver and almost got me squished between a bus and oncoming traffic. He was quite a risktaker and ended up on the sidewalk to avoid the near collision. After coming out of the tranquility of Neyyar Dam I was quite on edge and extremely nervous! But I made it back to Bigs and Aggy in one piece and I was overjoyed to see them. They came back from Varkala and had a lovely and relaxing time. I ended up meeting up with Migs and Sarah and had a lovely visit with them. It was so good to see Migs and meet Sarah...we have many friends in common! Migs, Sarah, and I went to the Indian Coffe House where we as there was no masala chai in sight. I never drink coffee and had just come out of the ashram where I followed a pretty strict sattvic diet (no stimulants like caffeine, garlic, spices, onions etc) so I was completely spun out from the coffee and ended up feeling really in the heat. It is as hot as hell here and normally Iwouldn't mind excpet its just so muggy and sticky. Migs and Sarah have AC in their room so we chilled there for a while which was wonderful.. We met up with Bigs and a glowing Aggy for dinner and had fantastic food (goodbye again sattvic diet...) and decided to catch the 9:30pm showing of "SLUMDOG MILLIANIER" (hee hee this was how it was spelled on the billboard). What a good movie. It brought back many memories for me and Bigs!! The audience was extremely interactive...clapping, cheering, oohing and ahhhing. It was like being at the Rocky Horror Picture Show but better. The only thing was that there were no subtitles so we missed out on a good portion of the dialouge...but only really minded when everyone was laughing except us!!
Bigs, Aggy, and I went to the Indian Coffee House for brekkie and I ran into 2 women whom I shared the dorm with at the ashram! It was so lovely to see them and I felt again a bit emotional. I left Bigs and Aggy and caught the train from Triv to Cochin where I am now. It's still smoking hot at 10:30 pm. I"m flying to Delhi tomorrow and will spend the night there before heading up to Benares on Sunday. I spoke to Martin a few hours ago and he is flying there tomorrow so I'll definitely meet him there. I'm relieved and excited to have a few laughs. I hear that the north is quite cold....and I'm sure i will really miss the heated south when I'm up there. Especially when I am having a freeeezing cold shower. Brrr. I have really enjoyed my time here in the south and when you have such amazing travelling partners like Bigs and Aggy it makes for wonderful memories. xxoxoxoxox

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